What is it?

VDM is a computer application / software used for processing compensation valuation claim data.

VDM3 helps users process data on land, crops and economic trees, structures and improvements and consists of:

  • a facilitated data entry system
  • a database
  • a report generator (produces payment schedules, enumeration certificates, payment summaries and attorney appropriations)

Who is it for?

VDM is developed for registered Estate Surveyors and Valuers that are executing valuation for Right-of-way acquisition / expropriation projects on behalf of Governments and other Organizations who wish to acquire large portions of land for infrastructure development projects.

What can it do for me?

Reduce your processing time

The automated data entry system, which simultaneously prepares both the certificates and schedules, cuts away all the man-hours that would normally have been spent on manual entry, calculations, re-checking and correcting. Certificate batches are prepared for instant generation, and can be printed at a go.

Reduce your errors

The system performs ALL calculations to drastically reduce the number of mistakes that are recorded. Errors in certificates and/or schedules can be very costly, in terms of time and reputation. People are prone to mistakes especially when doing repetitive tasks. We have designed our system to do all calculations for you averting desk tedium.

How can I get it?

  1. Download it here now (Limited use)
  2. Email imagefactor.ventures@gmail.com with your firm's details and a request for licenses

Who maintains it?

Imagefactor is a digital solutions development company based in Lagos, Nigeria that helps real estate professionals apply technology effectively.